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Staycation? Weekend adventure? Romantic getaway? A mid-week getaway from the city? Group trip? Whatever you’re looking for, whether you live in the UAE or are just visiting, find an available date that suits you and enjoy an unforgettable camping experience with friends and family. Holiday periods and holy days are often very busy, so make sure you book well in advance.

Choose Your Camping Rental Setup

Nomadic camping rentals come as standard with everything you need for the ultimate camping experience. Nomadic takes care of the entire setup of your camping rental, all you need to do is show up with your food and you’re ready to go! You can also request additional items such as a toilet, shower, outdoor cinema and other special additions for an additional fee, but the standard rental has all the main things you need! 

Choose your Camping Location

Once booked and paid, you’ll be contacted by the Nomadic team to organise your camping location. You’ll be able to choose from a range of the best hidden camping locations across the UAE. Deserts, Wadis, Mountains, Beaches – you decide. Once organised, you’ll be sent the exact location of your camp via email as well as check in instructions. Please note, our camping locations are not shared publicly so that Nomadic rental clients have the most immersive experience. 

nomadic CAMPING Locations ACROSS THE U.A.E

Nomadic camping rentals can be set up in many of the best hidden camping locations across the UAE. Deserts, Wadis, Mountains, Beaches – you decide. Once you have booked and paid, you’ll be contacted by the Nomadic team to organise your camping location. Take a look at each type of location below


The deserts of the UAE are some of the most magnificent camping spots on earth and offer a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city, transporting you into the Nomadic way of life. Nomadic offer camping rental setups in Desert regions in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi – all within an hour 20 minutes drive from Dubai.


Wadi’s are our most popular Nomadic camping locations, and for good reason. Wadi, the traditional Arabic term referring to a valley or dry riverbed offers an unrivalled natural environment that and combines the awe inspiring surroundings of mountains as well as vast low-laying flat areas of vegetation, perfect for camping. Wadi’s typically offer the most ‘wow’ factor when camping. Nomadic offers Wadi camping setup in Ras Al Khiamah and Fujairah. 


The diverse mountain ranges of the UAE offer a truly unique camping experience. For campers looking for a more adventurous experience, vast mountain views and awe inspiring surroundings – mountain camping is the way to go. Mountains are also ideal during the summer months as they are typically much cooler in temperature, especially at night. Nomadic mountain camping setups are available across multiple locations in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), 1 hour 30 – 2 hours from Dubai.

Private Events

Want the Nomadic camping experience from the comfort of your own backyard? We offer the full Nomadic camping setup for special events such as birthdays, anniversary, movie nights & parties with add ons such as movie screen and projector with speaker, shisha & BBQ food bundles. Please contact us directly for private events. 

What’s Included

Nomadic camping rentals come with everything you need for a comfortable night under the stars. No matter what you need, Nomadic has you covered. 

Nomadic tent w/ bedding

Up to 4 people (1 Double bed + 2 single beds) 

Raised Firepit
Floor picnic area w/pillows
Picnic Basket w/ full cutlery
Cooler Box
Fire Lanterns
Raised BBQ
Butane Gas Stove w/ Pots & Pans


The Nomadic Experience

Nomadic was created to provide immersive camping experiences without the hassle of having to rent out everything yourself.


Each Nomadic camping rental is set up by our team before you arrive. You won’t be sharing your Nomadic camp with anyone else, it will just be you. The real Nomadic experience. 


Nomadic camping rental setups come fully equipped with everything you need, from a canvas tent with a comfy bed to a full BBQ & stove setup & all the small amenities. Nomadic has you covered for the perfect staycation or vacation activity. 


Frequently asked questions

Nomadic is a camping rentals company specializing in providing immersive camping experiences for couples, families, small and large groups. Simply choose your dates and location of where you want to camp (Desert, Mountains, Wadi) and once you’ve booked we’ll confirm your booking and send you confirmation with meeting time and location. The Nomadic campsite will be set up for you before you arrive – All you have to do is show up. 

Price varies depending on group size and any extras you want to have. Please click here to look at our pricing.

You can book our camping rentals directly on our website, simply choose your dates and location of where you want to camp (Desert, Mountains, Wadi), select available dates and you’ll receive confirmation once you’ve booked as well as meeting location and arrival instructions. Alternatively, you can submit a booking request at the bottom of our homepage. 

Each tent can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people (1 double bed & 2 singles). If you have infants or small children, you can also fit 1x baby bassinets. 

Yes! We can accommodate groups of up to 12 that can book directly online. For groups larger than 12, please contact us directly so we can check availability.

Nomadic camping rentals come fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable night by the fire and under the stars. Each tent (up to 4 people) includes, but not limited to: 

Canvas Nomadic Tent

Beds (Doubles & Singles Available)

All bedding and blankets/pillows 

Tent Lighting

Fire Lanterns w/ fuel

Foldable chairs 

Floor pillows


BBQ Coals (45 AED)

Raised Fire Pit 

Firewood (50 AED)

Firelighters + Lighter 

Gas Butane Stove

Cooking pots

Frying pan 

Raised Table 

Cooler box 

Picnic blanket

Picnic basket 








Yes, you’ll have lights inside the tent as well as a torch plus fire lanterns and raised fire pit. 

Yes, each Nomadic camping rental is set up for you. We want to make camping rentals easy – all you have to do is show up at the meeting point sent in your confirmation email and everything will be ready for you upon arrival.

No. You will need to bring your own food and drink but you will be provided with all cooking equipment (BBQ & Gas Stove + utensils).

All you need to bring is food and drink, everything else you need is included with each Nomadic camping rental.

Yes, a cooler box with Ice blocks is included. 

Once you have booked your Nomadic camping rental and chosen the type of location you would like (Desert, Wadi, Mountain) – you’ll be sent the exact meeting point in your booking confirmation with a link on Google maps. 

During the online booking process you’ll be able to select where you would like to have your Nomadic rental set up (Desert, Wadi, Mountains) and each location will show the Emirate it is in as well as the distance from Dubai. If you can’t decide, we can help you or choose on your behalf if you don’t have a preference.

You will need to travel to the camping location by your own means of transport. For larger groups we can arrange a shuttle service for you for an additional fee (up to 14 people). 

Yes! Know your own secret spot that you want to camp in? Let us know during the booking process so we know where it is and we’ll set it up there for you. Please note that your camping location must be publicly accessible and not on private property, land or in reservation/conservation areas where camping is not permitted.

Yes, if you need to rent the Nomadic camping setup for your events, please contact us directly. 

Yes! If you want to have the Nomadic camping setup in your backyard we can do that. We also offer additional features such as outdoor cinema screens and added extras at an additional cost. Please contact us directly for enquiries.

Yes. For large group bookings we can arrange shuttle pick-up and drop off for you from Dubai and back again the next day for an additional charge (up to 14 people per shuttle for 700 AED).

Yes. Even though Nomadic camping rentals come with everything you need, sometimes people want to make the experience extra special. Please see our pricing page for details on additional extras that are avaliable. 

We can offer additional services for special events. Please contact us directly with what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to assist you. 

The fastest way to reach is by via Instagram @nomadiuae or via email

You can contact us directly via email:

No, but these are available for an additional fee of 150 AED each. Most people are only staying 1 night and therefore these are normally not required. To add a toilet to your booking, please contact us at

No. Each Nomadic camping rental setup is independent for each guest or group. You will never share your camp with anyone else.

Nomadic Camping rentals are refundable up to 14 days before your booking with a 10% fee of total booking. After that it is non-refundable but you can change the date free of charge subject to availability.

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